Royal university of Dhaka reserves the right to modify or change requirements, rules, fees, etc, such regulations shall go into force whenever the proper authorities so determine.



The right is reserved by the University to dismiss or exclude any student from the University, or from any class or classes, whenever, in the interest of the student or the University. A student may be dismissed from the University or from the degree programs for the following reasons:

  • When the students GPA (Grade Point Average) falls below minimum accepted levels.
    • Undergraduate Programs       : 2.0 (A ‘B’ Average).
    • Graduate Programs                : 3.0 (A ‘B’ Average).


  • The student fails to complete his/her degree program within the maximum allowable time unless mitigating circumstances prevail.
  • Providing the University with false application or enrollment information.
  • Repeated disruptive behavior in the classes or in University Campus.
  • Cheating or helping others to cheat on course work, exams, assignments or written test and stealing books or any assets of the University.
  • Failed to maintain the minimum acceptable GPA for the degree program following a two-semester probationary period.

NOTE: In all cases of dismissal, the student has the right to appeal before the RUD authority.  As per rules tuition fees will be refunded to students who will be dismissed from degree programs or from the university.


Policies on student behavior, plagiarism, falsification of records, etc, are available in the Office of the Registrar.



RUD strives to maintain a healthy academic atmosphere in the campus. The students are expected to do their part in achieving this goal  by attending classes regularly, making appropriate use of all campus resources in a way as to enhance their academic achievement, maintaining discipline, keeping this campuses clear, and being good neighbors and models of good citizenship. The RUD code of conduct for all students is now available in the office of the registrar.



A faculty, student, and staff member may invoke the discipline committee in the office of the vice chancellor/pro-vice chancellor/registrar by a written report of an offence or grievance. The Discipline Committee will act independently to ascertain the facts. Consequent to findings of the Discipline Committee, existing RUD rules and policies will be enforced. The Discipline Committee will have no right to change or modify RUD rules and policies.



Any means of unauthorized assistance in preparing materials, which a student submits as original work, is deemed to be cheating and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action. Faculty members are expected to use reasonably practical means of prevention and detecting cheating. Any student judged to have engaged in cheating might receive a reduced grade for the work in question, a failing grade in the course, or such other lesser penalty, as the faculty deems appropriate.



English is the medium of instruction at Royal University of Dhaka while both English and Bengali Language may be used for day-to-day work with administration, the faculty and students in the classroom are required to use only English as the vehicle of communication, whether spoken or written.



A student must pass all 100 level courses required for the preferred degree by the third semester after admission. Otherwise, a student will not be allowed to register into higher-level courses until that student passes all the 100 level courses required for a preferred degree. A student must fulfill English requirements i.e. a student must pass ENG 102 by the fourth semester into other courses until the English requirement is fulfilled.



Following is a partial list of courses currently approved for offering at the Royal University of Dhaka.


ACT Accounting ENG English
ECO                                                  Economics PHI Philosophy
MAT Mathematics PHY Physics
BUS Business STA Statistics
MGT Management ENV                                              Environment
FIN Finance POL Political Science
MKT Marketing CHE Chemistry
LAW Law PSY Psychology
CSE Computer Science GEO Geography
CSIT Information Technology    
MIS Management Information-System    



A student is expected to attend in every classes in a course. It is the responsibility of a faculty to inform the student of the consequences of absence from the class. It is also the responsibility of the student to keep faculty members informed regarding absence from classes. A student who need to be absent from the class/classes should inform faculty member in advance. Faculty members will determine if, and the manner in which, assignments and exams missed may be made up. A student may be dropped from a course for absence in three consecutive classes.



Candidates for graduation must submit an application for graduation with their respective Departments no later than the sixth week in the semester preceding their final semester.


In order to remain in good standing students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.50 out of 4.00.



Students with a GPA of less than 2.5 are placed on probation. Students on probation are allowed a maximum of 2 semesters to raise their CGPA to 2.5. Students who fail to achieve a GPA of 2.5 within three semesters are dismissed from the University.



It is preferred that students registering for internship should have completed all course work. Students shall not be registered into any course during internship. The chair of the concerned Department authorizes exceptions to this rule. For purposes of fulfilling degree requirement, students should be interned in organizations ideally for eight to ten weeks allowing two more weeks for writing reports etc. The students must earn at least a grade of ‘b’ in the Internship project.