Mr. Ahmed Abdullah


Mr. Ahmed Abdullah
Assistant Professor & Head
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
Email: [email protected]


Academic Qualification
Master of Science Major / concentration: Computer Science (Course-Based Program, Bishops University (Under the university of Toronto), Canada

Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), American International University-Bangladesh


About 8 (Eight) years in teaching and research experiences at University & Govt. Institution (2015 to till today)
Bangladesh Computer Council (Govt. of the people republic of Bangladesh) January 01, 2016 – Till Now.


Research Skills

  • Power distribution and analysis.
  • Field Work: power field survey in various power field.
  • Microcontroller design.
  • Analysis of power consumption in Arduino UNO.
  • Design microwave antenna.
  • Analysis of power consumption in various range antenna.
  • Technical and research report writing
  • CST Studio for antenna design.
  • Coding using CodeBlocks
  • Other Software: Microsoft Office Tools, Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc
  • Software’s/Applications include MS–Office, Outlook Express, and Auto CAD etc.
  • Hardware and software maintenance


Research Publications

  1. Datta Nipu, T. Masud, R. Aroefin, Ahmed. Abdullah. Rimon, A. K. M. Hye and B. B. Pathik., “Designing and Implementation of an Application Based Electrical Circuit for Smart Home Application”, Accepted 2014 IEEE Student Conference on Research & Development (SCOReD), Penang, Malaysia 16-17 December 2014.
  2. Ahmed Abdullah, Apu Samaddar,Nazrul Islam Shawan “Water Level Indicator with AlarmsUsing PIC Microcontroller”, American Journal of Engineering Research, ISSN-2320-0847 (online), Volume4, Issue 7, pp: 88-92, July 2015.
  3. Md. Jahid Hasan, Ahmed Abdullah, Rafiqul Islam and Mir Gulam Mohin Uddin, "High Step Up Converter Using Voltage Multiplier Cells (VMC)", International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Research (IJSER), ISSN (Online): 2347-3878 Volume 3 Issue 3, March 2015
  4. Ahmed Abdullah, Md. Shahinuzzaman, Apu Samadder, S.M. Ziyad Ahmed, “Microcontroller Based Automotive Vehicle Anti- Theft Braking System”, American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal ,ISSN2162- 3228 (online),Volume 7, No. 3, May 15.
  5. Ahmed Abdullah, Apu Samadder, Asaduzzaman Imon, S.M Ziyad Ahmed, "3D Design & Gain Analysis of Dipole Antenna with Integrated Frequency Level", International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, ISSN (Online): 2278-8875 Volume 3 Issue 3, March 2015. Doi:10.15662/ijareeie.2015.0403001
  6. Md. Jahid Hasan, Ahmed Abdullah, Apu Samadder, “Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Pi Controller”, International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science ISSN: 2319-7242 Volume 4, Issue 3, March 15.
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  9. Md. Mehzabul Hoque Nahid; Arnob Zahid; Ahmed Abdullah, “Digital Moisture Monitoring System Embedded in PIC”, Accepted 2019 International Conference on Robotics, Electrical and Signal Processing Techniques (ICREST), Dhaka, Bangladesh 10-12 January 2019.
  10. Paper ID 5490, accepted in 2022 4th International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Industry 4.0 during 17-18 December 2022 at Dhaka, Green University Bangladesh, Title "Performance Analysis Rice Yield Model based on Historical Weather Dataset in Bangladesh"