Ms. Euki Barua

Ms. Euki Barua
Department of English
Email: [email protected]


Academic Qualification
Master of Arts, Jagannath University, 2022

Career Vision

As an English Educator, I'm driven by the power of language and literature to shape minds and perspectives. My goal is to be deeply embedded within the academic realm of a university, where I can meld my passion for the English language with my pedagogical strengths. But teaching, for me, is not a one-sided affair. While I aim to illuminate the wonders of literature and linguistic nuances for my students, I also look forward to the vibrant intellectual exchanges that a university setting fosters, enabling me to continually refine my methods and insights. My vision is a symbiotic one: I strive to inspire and be inspired, to teach and learn, and to consistently evolve as both an educator and a lifelong student of the English language.


  • Lecturer, Department of English, Royal University of Dhaka, May 2023 – till to date
  • English teacher in Dakkhingaon Bright School (2 years)


Research Interes
Second language acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Pedagogy field, Psycholinguistics & ELT


Research and Publications

  1. Aesthetic education as a basis for student language development in Bangladeshi context  at primary level
  2. Homework and its impact on student’s performance in primary level