Entry Requirement

The entry requirement for the M.Ed. program is a Bachelor of Education degree or any from any recognized university.


Course Duration

The duration of the M.Ed. program is one year comprising three semesters.


Degree Requirements

A student of M.Ed. program will have to complete 36 credit hours (12 courses) as distributed below:

A Academic Core Courses 27 credit hours
B Academic Elective Courses (Non-thesis Group) or Thesis 06 credit hours
C  Viva-voce and Comprehensive Written 03 credit hours

Course Requirements:

  1. Core Courses (Compulsory) 9X3=27 CH
Course code Course title Credit hours
MED 601  Philosophical ,Psychological & Social Foundation of Education 03
MED 602  Curriculum Studies 03
MED 603 Comparative Education 03
MED 604 Educational Research 03
MED 605 Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Education -1:Socio-Cultural Perspective 03
MED 606  Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Education-2: Environmental Economic perspective 03
MED 607  Education in Bangladesh 03
MED 608 Educational planning and Management 03
MED 609 Information Communication and Technology in Education (ICT in Education)  03
  1. Academic Elective Courses (For non Thesis group): Any Two Subjects 3X2 = 6 CH


Course code Course title Credit hours
MED 701 Educational Administration 03
MED 702 Measurement and  Evaluation in Education 03
MED-703 Educational Technology 03
MED-704 Higher Education 03
MED 705 Secondary Education 03
MED 706 Pre-Primary & Primary Education 03
MED 707 Economics & Education 03



Course code Course title Credit hours
MED 801 Research in Education ( Thesis Work ) 06
  1. Comprehensive written & Viva-Voce:
Course code Course title Credit hours
MED 901 Comprehensive written & Viva-Voce 03