International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

Volume-5        Number-1      December 2022

Article and Contribution

Theoretical Framework: A Key Stone of Research across the Disciplines in Social Science
Dr. P. C. Sarker

Drug Addiction among the Adolescents in Bangladesh: Challenges to Drug Prevention Strategy
Nazrul Islam

Elderly in Family Transition of Bangladesh in 21st Century: Challenges to Providing Security for the Aged People
Most. Naznin Sultana

Attitude of Reckless Driving in Violating the Traffic Rules and Its Effect on Road Accident: A Challenging Task for Life Safety
Dr. Md. Abu Bakar Siddique

Photonic Crystal Fiber Refractive Index Biosensor based on Gold Coated Nano-film
Hasan Abdullah and Md. Ealius Azam Sha

Evaluation of Machine Learning Classifiers for Credit Card Fraud Detection
Md. Nur-E-Arefin and Ahmed Abdullah

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

Volume-3        Number-1      December 2020

Article and Contribution

Social Work and Indigent Parents’ in Government Hospitals in Benin City of Nigeria
AgbaIkwen Stephn

Habit of Reckless Driving in Violating the Traffic Rules and Its Impact on Road Accident: A Challenging Issue to Life Safety
Dr. Jannatul Ferdous

The Ungodlike Dionysus: Apprehension of Novelty in Aristophanes’ The Frogs
Dr. Miah Md. Rashiduzzaman

Pattern, Purpose and Significance of Using Smartphone for University Students in Bangladesh
Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman and Bashir Ahmed

Ethical Hacking: Tool, Techniques and approaches
Ahmed Abdullah and Rowjatul Zannat Eshita

Financial feasibility study of Real Estate Business: The study on Shelford Enterprise a leading Real Estate Business in Bangladesh
Samir Bhadra and Md. Obaidur Rahman

Ethics in Case Study Research and Its Impact on Effective
Bank Management

Tamanna Arifa

Book Review
Gender Violence against Women in Patriarchal Society
Dr. Gareth Dave

Issues and Perspective of Social Work and Social Development
Dr. Ashok Kumar Sarkar

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

Volume-2        Number-1        June-2019

Article and Contribution

Responsible Parenting in Family Transition and Its Impact on Socialization of Children
Dr. Profulla C. Sarker

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Its Impact on Profitability and Growth at different Organizational Level in Bangladesh
* S. M. Ikhtiar Alam, ** Masud Ibn Rahman, ***S. M. Naser Iqbal

Socio-economic Conditions of Child Labor in Karachi Metropolitan City of Pakistan
Dr. Nasreen Aslam Shah

River Bank Erosion and Its Impact on Livelihood of the Victims in Rural Bangladesh
M. Habibur Rahman

Problems of Learning English as a Second Language: Challenges to Learners
Swati Ahmed

Book Review
Socio-Cultural Parameters of Health and Diseases
Dr. Chinmoy Kanti Das, Professor,
Community Medicine, Rajshahi Medical College

Social Structure and Fertility Behavior in Bangladesh A Cross-Cultural Study
Dr. M. Abdul Hoque Talukder, Registrar
Royal University of Dhaka

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

Volume-1        Number-1        December-2017

Article and Contribution

Knowledge of Parents on Early Childhood Development (ECD) among the Indigenous People in CHTs of Bangladesh
Profulla C. Sarker and Nazir M. Hossain

Teachers' and Students' Code –switching and Code-mixing in the EFL Classrooms of Jahangirnagar University: A Prag
Dr. Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah, Al Jamal Mustafa Shindaini and Shakila Akter

Securities Valuation – Fact and Fallacies of Share Market in BangladeshUniversity: A Prag
Mohon L. Roy

Trends and Opportunities of Library and Information Science Education in Bangladesh
Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Female Education among the Muslims in India: Contemporary Situation and Exploring Research

Tripti Debnath and Asok Kumar Sarkar

Book Reviews
Qualitative Research in Multidisciplinary Perspective
Subir Kumar Bhattacharyya, Former Bangladesh Ambassador

Tarak Chandra Das- An Unsung Hero of Indian Anthropology
Dr. P. Dash Sharma,, Retired Professor of Anthropology,
University of Ranchi, Ranchi 834002, India