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The CSE program of the School of Computer Science at Royal University of Dhaka (RUD) is dedicated to develop a new generation of IT leaders and entrepreneurs. This new generation of IT leaders and entrepreneurs would not only develop an in depth understanding of various aspects of information technology, they would also know how to make a balance between business and the wider world. To experience the RUD CSE is to go inside the issues that matter—and to reach inside oneself for the strength, skills, and confidence you will need to develop to face the real corporate environment. In every class, presentation, event and activity we would not only ask you study leadership, but also would groom you to become a competent IT leader. The RUD CSE program’s design follows the guidelines of the American Assembly of Collegiate School of Computer Science (AACSB). Professors and IT Professionals with North American or equivalent university degrees with long experience teach in the CSE program.

Our program is designed to train the CSE students to outperform others in their corporate environment and address the burning questions. “What difference will it make in my career when I graduate?”

Special Features
of RUD

Royal University of Dhaka offers the following special features:

  • RUD is very conveniently located in Banani from major corporate offices.
  • It offers flexibility of courses (options to take 1 or 2 or 3 or more courses per semester).
  • Students can take up to 2 (Two) semesters off without readmission.
special feature
program description


RUD CSE is a 147 credit program with six major components: (i) 21 courses in Information Technology = 48 credits, (ii) 19 courses in Engineering areas = 42 credits, (iii) 6 Open elective courses for Information technology = 12.5 credits, (iv) 2 Open elective courses for Engineering = 6 credits, (v) 13 general courses = 34.5 credits (vi) Thesis / Internship / Project = 4 credits. Our program office helps students with placement at different corporate establishments.


To be eligible to apply for admission to the CSE program, one must have the following:

  • HSC and SSC pass certificates with minimum CGPA of 2.50 in each
  • O' level in at least 5 subjects with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and A-level in at least 2 subjects with a minimum CGPA of 2.00
  • North American High School Certificate or
  • Other pre-university 12-year school final certificates

Provisional admission is offered to candidates awaiting results of (a) HSC examinations and (b) A' level examinations. Application form for CSE program can be purchased by paying Taka 500 from the information desk of RUD. Only completed application form with the photocopies of all certificates, mark sheets, letters of recommendation, and photographs (3 copies) of the students will be processed.



RUD accepts credits from other degree programs from credible universities or public universities such as:

B.A., B.Sc., B.S.S. & B.Com (pass) graduates are also eligible for admission. These students may apply to transfer their credits for relevant courses. Syllabi of RUD are designed to suit credit transfers and postgraduate studies abroad.

Students taking provisional admission at RUD are required to fulfill all RUD BBA requirements within the stipulated period, failing to which the admission will be cancelled and all the credits completed at RUD will be revoked.

Final transfer will be reviewed and approved by the BBA admission committee. All applications for waiver and transfer must be submitted to the BBA program office before the beginning of each semester. Waiver and credit transfer will not be counted while calculating CGPA at RUD.
The following major / concentrations are offered at the RUD CSE program:
  • Software Designing and Development
  • Web Solutions
  • Data Communication
  • Networking
  • Hardware Maintenance
Royal University of Dhaka (RUD) provides limited financial supports to meritorious and needy students. The students are provided scholarships on the basis of their previous academic performance and also on the basis of needs. For details, contact the CSE program office.
Limited numbers of opportunities are available for students to find part time employment at the front office and library.
At RUD, we offer courses in three semesters each year- Spring (January-April), Summer (May- August) and Fall (September-December). Each semester is 13 (thirteen) weeks long.