Chief Advisor

Showkat Aziz Russell

Chief Advisor

Message from the Chief Advisor

It is with great pleasure that I extend my warm greetings to you as the Chief Advisor of BoT, Royal University of Dhaka (RUD).

Royal University of Dhaka (RUD) has been established with a clear vision: to contribute significantly to the development of education in our beloved country. We take pride in offering a diverse range of subjects and programs that lead to degrees and certificates recognized by the government.

At Royal University of Dhaka (RUD), our mission is to provide and facilitate a global standard of education. We believe that education is a powerful instrument that can vital role in transforming lives, and we are dedicated to preparing our students for leadership and service in multicultural, global, and technological societies.

Our commitment extends beyond the academic realm. We are devoted to fostering an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated, and every student is given the support they need to succeed. Royal University of Dhaka (RUD) is not just an institution; it is a community where ideas flourish, creativity is encouraged.

Thank you for choosing Royal University of Dhaka (RUD). Let us lift our institution to a new height with excellent academic flavor through our dedication, sincerity, devotion and uninterrupted cordial support.