Vice Chancellor

Dr. Mesbah Kamal

Vice Chancellor (VC)

Vice Chancellor

Welcome to Royal University of Dhaka (RUD), a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian University established by renowned social worker and philanthropist late Dr. Momtaz Begum. Our University, which was founded in accordance with the Private University Act of 1992, is a shining example of higher learning and education for people from all backgrounds, regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, or colour.

At RUD, we're committed to provide high-quality education to students that encourage leadership in both their local and global contexts. Our goal is to deliver cheap, international-standard education while putting inclusivity and student development first. We envision a future in which education leads to beneficial contributions to society.

With a focus on improving human welfare, we disseminate knowledge in an ethical and culturally sensitive way, drawing on the history, culture, values, and principles of our country including our glorious liberation war. We provide a wide choice of programs to suit different interests and professional trajectories, including the CSE program, BBA, BA Hons in English, Bachelor of Hotel Management & Tourism, and Bachelor of Arts in Education, Master of Arts in Education and MS in Library Management and information Science.

We think that action and knowledge can work together to improve human welfare. Our committed faculty makes sure that our students receive a top-notch education in accordance with UCG requirements, allowing them to progress their careers and take on important issues in their professions. In order to make Bangladesh better, the Royal University of Dhaka is dedicated to offering a supportive learning environment that develops future leaders and entrepreneurs.

We cordially invite you to become a part of our dynamic community at the Royal University of Dhaka, where you may assume leadership roles in all of your pursuits and achieve overall growth to fulfill both your immediate and extended goals. Together, let's use education to create a better tomorrow.