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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest is a peer reviewed international journal published once in a year (January-December) of every calendar year and is registered with National Serials Data Program, Library of Congress (ISSN). It is a referred journal designed to promote multidisciplinary enquirer on research, education and development. The journal contains research-based articles on Social Science, Law, Education, Business, Arts, Science and Technology. Contributors are requested to submit articles both in hard and soft copies for publication in the Journal. The following may kindly be treated as broad guidelines for submission of article.

Terms and Conditions of Submission of manuscript

Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that they

  • are original;
  • are not under consideration by any other publisher;
  • have not been previously published in whole or in part;
  • have not been previously accepted for publication;
  • will not be submitted elsewhere until a decision is reached regarding the publication

Manuscript Format and Style Guide

When the Editor sends manuscripts for external review, they are double-blind reviewed. Thus, please ensure that no authors’ names are given on the first page of the manuscript and that author names have been taken out of the “File-Properties” screen in word.

All manuscripts should be double-spaced. Margins should be one inch (2.5cm) at the top, bottom and sides of the page. Front size should be 12 point. We require that submissions be limited to 8000-10000 words of text, unless an exception has been granted based on discussion with the Editors in advance of submission. This recommended word count refers to the entire content of the article, including abstract and references. Articles with heavy use of figures or tables should be correspondingly shorter to compensate for these.

Title of the Article

The title of article should be short and catchy. Title should not be in statement form. Also include the author’s names, affiliations and contact details (including email address) for the corresponding author.


Authors are requested to submit an unstructured abstract of no more than 250 words. Abstract will focuses the total picture of the article in a nutshell. Please make sure that the abstract page does not contain any information identifying the author(s). Also please take care to select a title and an abstract that are direct and ‘readers friendly’.


Include not more than five keywords that describe your paper for indexing and for web searches of your manuscript.

References in the Text

The citations should follow the Harvard system, included by the authorship and the year of the work. Each citation requires a reference at the end of the work with full details of the source item and should enable it to be traced.


There is variation of rainfall with respect to place and time (Islam, 2005).Personal communications should be listed as such where they are cited in the text, and not listed in the references.


Results have been reported (Don Graham, 1989, personal communication).

Articles not yet published should show ‘forthcoming’ in place of the year (in both the reference and the citation). ‘In presses should be used in place of the volume, issue and page range details.


Sharp Parker, A.M. (forthcoming) Cyber terrorism: An examination of the preparedness of the North Carolina local law enforcement. Security Journal, in press.


References should be placed alphabetically by author or authorship, regardless of the format, i.e. whether books, websites or journal articles etc.

Examples of Correct Forms of References for Numerical Style Book

Slovic, P. (2000). The Perception of Risk. London: Earth scan Publications.

Edited Volume

Nye Jr, J.S., Zelikow, P.D. and King D.C. (eds.) (1997). Why People Don’t Trust Government. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Chapter in Book

Flora, P. and Abler, J. (1981). Modernization, democratization, and the development of the welfare state. In: P. Flora and A.J. Heidenheimer (eds.). The Development of Welfare States in Europe and America. New Brunswick and London: Transaction Books, pp. 17–34.

Article in Journal

Thompson, K., Griffith, E. and Leaf, P. (1990). A historical review of the Madison model of community care. Hospital and Community Psychiatry 41(6): 21–35.

Article in Newspaper

Webster, B. (2008) Record bonus for Network Rail chief, despite Christmas chaos. The Times, 6 June: p1.

Newspaper or Magazine Article (Without a Named Author)

Economist (2005) The mountain man and the surgeon. 24 December, pp. 24–26.

Article Online

www………com (April 29:15:30) Gardener, T. and Moffat, J. (2007) Changing behaviors in defense acquisition: a game theory approach. Journal of the Operational Research Society, advance online publication 28 November, doi: 10.1057/palgrave.jors.2602476.

Conference Proceedings

Spain, A. (ed.) (1985) Health and the Environment. Proceeding of the Conference on Biological Monitoring Methods for Industrial Chemicals; 30-31 March 1984, Chicago, IL. Chicago: American Topological Association.

Conference Paper

Harley, N.H. (1981) Radon risk models. In: A.R. Knight and B. Hared, (eds) Indoor Air and Human Health. Proceedings of the Seventh Life Sciences Symposium; 29-31 October, Knoxville, TN. Amsterdam: Elsevier, pp.69-78.

Papers/Talks Presented at a Conference but Not Published

Martin, S. (2003). An exploration of factors which have an impact on the vocal performance and vocal effectiveness of newly qualified teachers and lecturers. Paper presented at the Pan European Voice Conference; 31 August, Graz, Austria.


Young, W.R. (1981) Effects of different tree During Democratic Transition: The Malawi Social Action Fund 1996-2001. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies. IDS Research Report no. 5.

Figures and Tables

Ensure that every table or figure is referred to in the text. The table or figure will be placed after the first mention in the text. Legends should be short, descriptive and define any acronyms, abbreviations or symbols used.

Tables and figures should be submitted in their original word format. Each table should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in order of appearance. Please avoid using vertical rules. Horizontal rules should be used only above and below column headings and at the bottom of the table.

Distribution Policy of Journal

One copy of journal will be distributed to the concerned contributor(s).

The address of the contact person

Md. Shaidul Islam

Asst. Manager
Royal University of Dhaka

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RUD Publications & Journals

  • Journal

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

    Volume-5 Number-1 December 2022
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    Article and Contribution

    Theoretical Framework: A Key Stone of Research across the Disciplines in Social Science

    Dr. P. C. Sarker

    Drug Addiction among the Adolescents in Bangladesh: Challenges to Drug Prevention Strategy

    Nazrul Islam

    Elderly in Family Transition of Bangladesh in 21st Century: Challenges to Providing Security for the Aged People

    Most. Naznin Sultana

    Attitude of Reckless Driving in Violating the Traffic Rules and Its Effect on Road Accident: A Challenging Task for Life Safety

    Dr. Md. Abu Bakar Siddique

    Photonic Crystal Fiber Refractive Index Biosensor based on Gold Coated Nano-film

    Hasan Abdullah and Md. Ealius Azam Sha

    Evaluation of Machine Learning Classifiers for Credit Card Fraud Detection

    Md. Nur-E-Arefin and Ahmed Abdullah
  • Journal

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

    Volume-3 Number-1 December 2020
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    Article and Contribution

    Social Work and Indigent Parents’ in Government Hospitals in Benin City of Nigeria

    AgbaIkwen Stephn

    Habit of Reckless Driving in Violating the Traffic Rules and Its Impact on Road Accident: A Challenging Issue to Life Safety

    Dr. Jannatul Ferdous

    The Ungodlike Dionysus: Apprehension of Novelty in Aristophanes’ The Frogs

    Dr. Miah Md. Rashiduzzaman

    Pattern, Purpose and Significance of Using Smartphone for University Students in Bangladesh

    Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman and Bashir Ahmed

    Ethical Hacking: Tool, Techniques and approaches

    Ahmed Abdullah and Rowjatul Zannat Eshita

    Financial feasibility study of Real Estate Business: The study on Shelford Enterprise a leading Real Estate Business in Bangladesh

    Samir Bhadra and Md. Obaidur Rahman

    Ethics in Case Study Research and Its Impact on Effective Bank Management

    Tamanna Arifa

    Article and Contribution

    Gender Violence against Women in Patriarchal Society

    Dr. Gareth Dave

    Issues and Perspective of Social Work and Social Development

    Dr. Ashok Kumar Sarkar
  • Journal

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

    Volume-2 Number-1 June 2019
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    Article and Contribution

    Responsible Parenting in Family Transition and Its Impact on Socialization of Children

    Dr. Profulla C. Sarker

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Its Impact on Profitability and Growth at different Organizational Level in Bangladesh

    * S. M. Ikhtiar Alam, ** Masud Ibn Rahman, ***S. M. Naser Iqbal

    Socio-economic Conditions of Child Labor in Karachi Metropolitan City of Pakistan

    Dr. Nasreen Aslam Shah

    River Bank Erosion and Its Impact on Livelihood of the Victims in Rural Bangladesh

    M. Habibur Rahman

    Problems of Learning English as a Second Language: Challenges to Learners

    Swati Ahmed

    Book Review

    Socio-Cultural Parameters of Health and Diseases

    Dr. Chinmoy Kanti Das, Professor,
    Community Medicine, Rajshahi Medical College

    Social Structure and Fertility Behavior in Bangladesh A Cross-Cultural Study

    Dr. M. Abdul Hoque Talukder, Registrar
    Royal University of Dhaka
  • Journal

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Quest

    Volume-1 Number-1 December 2017
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    Article and Contribution

    Theoretical Framework: A Key Stone of Research across the Disciplines in Social Science

    Dr. P. C. Sarker

    Knowledge of Parents on Early Childhood Development (ECD) among the Indigenous People in CHTs of Bangladesh

    Profulla C. Sarker and Nazir M. Hossain

    Teachers' and Students' Code –switching and Code-mixing in the EFL Classrooms of Jahangirnagar University: A Prag

    Dr. Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah, Al Jamal Mustafa Shindaini and Shakila Akter

    Securities Valuation – Fact and Fallacies of Share Market in BangladeshUniversity: A Prag

    Mohon L. Roy

    Trends and Opportunities of Library and Information Science Education in Bangladesh

    Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman

    Female Education among the Muslims in India: Contemporary Situation and Exploring Research Potentials

    Tripti Debnath and Asok Kumar Sarkar

    Book Reviews

    Qualitative Research in Multidisciplinary Perspective

    Subir Kumar Bhattacharyya, Former Bangladesh Ambassador

    Tarak Chandra Das- An Unsung Hero of Indian Anthropology

    Dr. P. Dash Sharma,, Retired Professor of Anthropology,
    University of Ranchi, Ranchi 834002, India

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